Cliff jumping at Lorne St. Beach

“Hello it’s me”*,

On Wednesday August 10, I had my friend Nic over for a sleepover. And boy, it was fun. The next day we went cliff jumping at Lorne St. Beach. Now I’m just guessing here but my estimate for how many time we jumped is around 40 times EACH! Yeah I know sounds unrealistic, but it’s true and I even have proof, videos taken of Nic and I jumping! So now you can see how I look jumping off huge cliffs! Exciting, right? Well anyways we had a BLAST! After cliff jumping for a while (around an hour), we went exploring! Sorry, I didn’t manage to get any pics because I didn’t have a camera with me, but it was still awesomely (is that a word?) fun. We even managed to find a sort of natural fish trap of sorts (what?). So yeah it was a blast.

-XO XO Axel


!UPDATE! I am sorry but the videos could not be uploaded because I am cheap and do not have Premium.




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