Sight seeing at Hoc Roc

Up a mossy worn path lies the Hoc Roc river,

Ok, ok it’s actually a stream but it’s quite beautiful and worth a visit, and it’s right down the road from my aunts. That is the real reason we went yesterday,  but it was worth it! It’s a bit of walking and sun (arrgh!) but then there’s a amazing bend with, a mini waterfall and a small calm pool with crayfish in it. There’s also some nice rocks (everywhere) to jump on and explore, and you can even have leaf races down the stream! Yesterday I had fun with part of my extended family, and wonderfully I took a TON of pictures! So here they are;


IMG_20160815_145624IMG_20160815_145544 cropped-pano_20160815_145246.jpgIMG_20160815_145619 IMG_20160815_145540 IMG_20160815_145508 IMG_20160815_145459 IMG_20160815_145345 IMG_20160815_145221 IMG_20160815_145159 IMG_20160815_141732 IMG_20160815_141725 PANO_20160815_145246 IMG_20160815_141541 IMG_20160815_141538 IMG_20160815_141517 IMG_20160815_141506 PANO_20160815_145641


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  1. Hey Axel! I really enjoyed reading your blog and looking at all those great pictures you took yesterday! I feel like I missed out and now I wish I would’ve gone with you guys! Oh well, I guess I’ll have to wait until next time…keep up your interesting commentary! xo nana

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