Home Again!

Home at last…

Ok, ok, I was really home on saturday but I had NO time whatsoever to do a blog post. In fact most of my time was spent reading and sleeping, and oh yeah walking. I know it sounds so exciting!! Sleeping, reading, walking. Terrible right? Well, except the sleeping part; that was nice. Sadly though I have zero pictures of me at beacon!! Mainly because I didn’t bring a camera, (darn it!!). Also because the director forgot to email me the ones HE took. So anyways I had an absolute BLAST!! It was SOOOO much fun, and sleep-depriving!!!

Sadly though I have to go now,

So see you soon!


1 thought on “Home Again!”

  1. I’m SO happy that you got to go to camp this year, even if it was a little sleep-depriving, haha! Hope someone will send you some pictures Axel…

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