Re Ball – A new type of pain

My church – Conexus – has a program which I go called Transit. Now everyone in Transit has groups (boys, girls). The people in my age group and are the same gender as me (or around that). Sometimes all the boys groups will agree on some sort of activate witch the Leaders organize and we go. Re Ball was one of those activities. Matthew (my friend) and I  organized for a bunch of our friends to come re balling with us AND the boys church groups. Some random people also showed up. They were good. Man did those balls pack a punch!!! There were a few workers there who played, who had these AMAZING guns! They had stuff like; super fast firing (OK, OK, they were only a lot faster then I could fire), super weight-light design, and they looked AWESOME!!! After re balling all our friends and us got to go over to his house for a sleepover!! We got to stay up to twelve and of course, play on

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