My week (so far) in a wrap

First day of fall,

My week was uneventful/eventful in other words; I started a essay on Jimmy Wales! The founder of Wikipedia and Wiki in general, failed a quiz (mark=9 / 15) on Canada ’cause I didn’t study, aced a quiz ’cause I did study (mark=?/?), and got invited to a “Nerd Party” by my friend Greg (earlier this week, sorry didn’t post much), and that’s about it. Oh yeah! In my class we also got assigned computers sooooo, we now have to take care of a laptop only I can use! Also I get to (possibly/hopefully/I think I do/really want to) maybe bring my whole computer to the “Nerd Party”! Wish me luck convincing my parents to let me (their almost convinced)!

May the Force be with you!


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