Catch Up! No. 2

Hello, can you hear me?

Well obviously no because this is a blog post NOT a phone call. Sooooooooooo, you may be wondering why there wasn’t a “big post on Wednesday”, well that would be because I, well, forgot. In my defense I was doing ALLOT on Wednesday. But were talking about now, so yesterday I helped my dad put up the BIG frame for his new shop extension and friends came over for a small Thanksgiving, and well the BIG Family Thanksgiving is happening today! I know, sounds awesome right! I get all sorts of delicious foods (Scalloped Potatoes, Turkey, Beans, to name a few) So this (the former) has pretty much been my week! As always I will update this site with any BIG updates in my life, and of course please remember to like or follow!


Happy Thanksgiving,


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