The New [And] Improved Fort-In-A-Tree!!

Guess what! [What?],

Well I recently [today] built a new platform [yes, a real platform] in my fort! It was built with the help of my dear friend Gregory Clifford! He and I built an amazing new platform dubbed the “platform of viewing” not the “viewing platform”, as its not the same at all. So you can check out this revolutionary new technology down below!




img_63481 img_63491 img_63441 img_63401  img_63331 img_63341 img_63411 img_63351 img_63361 img_63371 img_63381

2 thoughts on “The New [And] Improved Fort-In-A-Tree!!”

  1. Cool….nice platform of viewing by the way Axel! Is this a Private Fort or can I check it out next time I come over maybe? Hope so!

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