Science and a new type of photo


Usually photographer’s rate themselves on how much they have to edit, meaning that if they don’t edit a photo at all, and it still looks great, they are a great photographer! But sadly we have been doing a photography unit in class and my teacher had the opposite idea. He wanted us to take good photos and edit them so  they were “great” and “funky”! Well, I turned this idea on it’s head! I took beautiful photos, many not even needing to be edited! Of course I still edited some of them just a bit, so they were just right! This week I also had a HUGE science unit to do! Sadly I don’t have any photos of it (yet) so I’m planning on taking some on Monday to post! So this has pretty much been my week! Oh, wait I need to show my final six photos for the unit! Here they are;


P.S. In the first one (if you open it up) you can actually see a minuscule piece of a spider web!! Also the second one is supposed to be blurry ’cause it looks like a “special effect” 🙁   !


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  1. Again Axel, these are really neat photos you’ve taken! I like them a lot and I’m pretty sure that your grampapa would love the one of his old truck! xonana

  2. hey everyone! yeah its me, just wanted to know if there was some way for me to change which picture s displayed if i share using facebook. i would like it to show the mushroom in the dark instead of the blurry mushroom photo! thx, -axel

  3. Hey Axel…Your pictures are great! I am glad you are making use of your photographic skills…It is always great to see pictures through someone else’s eyes…Keep up the good work! Love from Play Grama

  4. I think you have the right idea, filters can be fun and effects can be great – but it takes a lot more skill and creativity to take a picture that is naturally beautiful. These pictures are fabulous. I especially like the tree and the tall white mushroom with the beautiful green in the background. Very visual, great job!

  5. Very nice work Axel. I like your perpective and composition. I also agree with you and not your teacher, although special effects can be fun, the artistry should be the photographer’s not the computer’s That said, the computer can’t do it without you!

  6. Well done Axel. You have a great eye. I love photography and I wish I did more and took classes on it. Keep up the good work, look forward to seeing more.

  7. Axel! These photos are amazing. You really seem to have the artist’s eye, capturing light and dark…mystery in intrigue…BEAUTY. Keep up the good work. You are a very wise young man.

  8. Hi axel it’s Matty Brewers mom and your neighbour. You take fantastic pictures great job. I love nature pictures. And you know what. I would really like a picture of a snowflake. One that’s shot up really close so I can see all the beautiful detail. I would like to frame it and hang it on my wall. If that is something you would be interested in doing that would be great. And of course I would pay you a little for it. But only if you have time and want too. Your mom has my contact information. Again grate job. Hope you get an A.

  9. Wow great photos. I like the mushroom photos the best. I tried to Google that red one and figure out what kind it is but it’s really hard to tell.

  10. Awesome work Axel!
    I really like the mushroom pic … So little but so strong looking in this picture (fourth pic) and of course I love the truck!
    Keep up the good work. And thank you for sharing it with us!

  11. I wrote a comment earlier but it seems it didn’t post?!?

    Anyways …
    Awesome work Axel.
    I really enjoyed hearing your view and where you took this project,
    The mushroom (4th pic) is lovely, such a small mushroom but you made it look so strong out in that field. And the truck pic I could hang on my walls love it.

    Thank you for sharing you talent with us.

  12. Hi Axel, my name is Liam and I’m 11 years old too, but I’m from Montreal. I really like your photographs, especially the one with the white mushroom. I especially enjoy the composition. Please continue with your photography, I find you have great talent!

        1. Well you should totally start one! It’s so much fun! I actually purchased my own domain for this is axels, and soon it’ll be up! Anyways, I encourage you to start your own! -Axel

  13. What wonderful art Axel!! Excellent article as well. Keep up the great work! Last time we spoke you wanted to be a structural engineer which is a fantastic Career but I can also see you be coming a professional artist just like your mother. You have a eye for it for sure!

  14. Since I posted this very worthy collection of photos on the gallery site this afternoon, you have received 250 views. People are responding because the work is very good. It comes to you naturally, you should be very proud of your vision. I can’t wait to see more,

  15. Great pics Axel, I like the one of grampapas truck too!
    When are you and him going to start working on fixing it up, you have just a few years until you’re able to drive it!!
    Auntie Paula

  16. Hi Axel – coco and I loved your photos specifically the toadstool pics. Coco/say hi to Evangeline for me please . Is it winter there yet if it is have fun in the snow. Keep taking photos and exploring your creative side. Love from across the seas in New Zealand

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