Photography… On a new level

So I have pretty much made photography as my new hobby….

Thanks Mr. Montross. Yeah so typical Sunday, church in the morning, grocery shopping, stopping at stables for printer ink, and then coming home having lunch and watching a movie… Oh wait, and of course going out in the rain [yeah, its raining here] to take photos. It’s not even for a project! It’s for my sheer enjoyment! Typical, as I come from a family of photographers… Anyways just thought I’d tell you, and of course… Show you! So, here they are…

Oh, and please [ x 1000] give me feedback!


img_6473 img_6471 img_6470 img_6465 img_6457 img_6450 img_6449 img_6443 img_6441 img_6439 img_6438 img_6436 img_6435 img_6434 img_6433 img_6432 img_6431 img_6430

3 thoughts on “Photography… On a new level”

  1. Hey Axel, these are just AMAZING photos!!! I love love love the ones with the tree trunks in them, they’re awesome. But haha, I guess I don’t like mushrooms much. Not like your mom does!
    The leaves on the tree bark are lovely too. You’re so talented! Keep on doing more and more!

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