Rain; Inside Photography. Shine[ish]; Outside Photography

It rained. Allot.

I got some good photos, some bad photos, some cool photos, and some stupid photos. I am here now to show the good photos. Have fun;


P.S. Sorry for the short post, don’t have lots of time for it right now, later I’ll do a big[ger] one [Wednesday? Maybe]


dscn2089 dscn2090 dscn2091 dscn2093 dscn2098 dscn2100 dscn2102 dscn2103 dscn2104 dscn2108 dscn2109 dscn2112 dscn2113img_6501 img_6506 img_6514 img_6515 img_6516 img_6517 img_6518

5 thoughts on “Rain; Inside Photography. Shine[ish]; Outside Photography”

  1. Wow eh Axel, you’ve really got some stunning shots on here!! I especially like the one that is the 5th down on the left hand column and also 1,2,5 & 6 on the right hand column. But hey I also really like the 1,2 ,7, 8 & 9 back on the right side…I like the clouds a lot as well. Good job! Keep it up cuz I want to see more ok? thanks! (nana)

  2. I just wanted to ask about your pictures. Do you like photography? I was just asking because I like photography. I kind of don’t know what to say because I’ve never really commented on anything before.

    1. Hi Haven! Yes, I do like photography, and seeing as you’ve never “liked” anything before I encourage you to try and if you enjoy my blog try and get your mom (when she gets home) to help you start one! I’m actually going serious with blogging and am working on my own non-wordpress made site!! Best wishes, -Axel

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