This week

This week was eventful.

Yeah…. So [by the way] I am terrible at actually following my sayings that “I’ll do a big post on Monday” [for example]. I can not and will not pretend any longer. I will not say anything anymore about when I’ll post except that for something like “I’ll post soon”. Okay? Well now that that’s over with I’ll get into my week. As you know I’ve already done a post earlier this week, so I’ll give you what I didn’t cover earlier. First off, Scary Narrative. I’m calling mine Shadowless! You will [of course] get to see it [and read it] as soon as I’m done! It will most likely [depending on my mark :-)] be going into the Writing Masterpieces section! As I said, there’s  no guarantee as it all depends on the mark [and feedback] I get from my peers and teacher at school! Next off, I finally got my photos up on the wall at School! Hopefully [again, no guarantee] but I should be able to get some photos on Monday to post.So this has been my week!!


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Love Axel

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