First day of Travel

:October 26, 2016:

I got up at 6:30,

Then ate breakfast, then packed some more, and as soon as my grandparents rolled up to our house in my grandfather’s red suburban, we were off… But first we had to stop and pick up my homework package, and my brother Ramsey’s class-given travel journal. My class was very surprised to see me. I was greeted with “What?”s and “Hun? Why is he here?”‘s and even a few “I thought you were in St. Louis”‘s! But homework calls and I needed something to do on the long journey ahead (besides read and listen to music, although they are very fun things to do!). Then we really left. At 10:00 we crossed the border.We were in Michigan. First Impression: Beautiful. After crossing we got gas, ate something, and continued on our journey. After a while we crossed into Indiana, which we’re in currently. It took us awhile to find a hotel for the night that had the commendations we required like a pool.It is currently 9:39 P.M. here, at the time of this writing. We (my family) were in the pool just a few moments ago! It was severely fun. We will most likely be gone in the early in the morning, going onto the road once again, and should arrive at my cousin’s house in Missouri sometime in the afternoon. That my friends, is when I will right my next post!



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