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I have not done a blog post in a while. This is because even though my new site is up and running, it’s not up and running the way I want (emphasis on the I). For example the site url ( changes to the true url (not when you go from the home page to a new page. Whether this is to a page (e.g. Contact) or to a new post, it always changes to the true url ( As some of you probably know about,, is just a “mask” url. In other words it replaces a big long url (e.g. with a nice, sweet, short url (e.g. This is the “mask”. Another problem, is that I’m not entirely “to grips” with WordPress. Anyways as I’ve been getting to grips with my site, working the url, and just getting the way I want it, I have been taking photos and living my life. So today I kinda set up a “theme” for my usually random outdoor, indoor, super random photography. This “theme” is…. Indoor. I took a little bit to to find some interesting ones (just a little bit). Please give me feedback on them. Anyway, these are them;



[metaslider id=697]



-Thank You For Everything, Axel

P.s. If someone could send me an email with tips on the url problem, that would be Amazing!! You can find it here. Thanks again, Axel



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