Paintball: A[nother] new type of pain

Reball was one thing, Paintball an entire different thing. First thoughts: ‘hey wait a second, that hit my watch! You’re gonna pay for that!’. Yeah they hit my wrist watch. Man did it hurt.



It was great. The whole reason I was there was for my friend Nic’s birthday party. It was also great, as a friend shoved a cupcake in my face, and then, well I kinda shoved it in his face and hair after that, then had another one, which I’m happy to say was not shoved in my face! So first match, I was al suited up ready to go, and [of course] my utility belt thingy starts to fall down ’cause it’s friggin huge! So I had to ditch that as soon as I got in the arena. Thankfully my goggles didn’t fog up that much, because I had bought some “Fog Buster!” stuff. Whatever that was made up of [probably a TON of terrible chems that kill you VERY slowly] it worked well so I was happy. Oh, and Leigh-ann, Nic’s mum had organized it so that we EACH got only 100 paintballs, and well if ya ran out you kinda had to buy more. But that was fine. Only ran out in the last 2 minutes of game time in our last round. Guess what, I didn’t hit anyone! That or I didn’t see them get hit, or I was hiding, or I was being shot, or something else, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t hit a fly. So lunch was great, except we had to eat it OUTSIDE in the cold tent they had set up. Fortunately we had them hand warmers! They were SO warm! It felt SO good! It was great. Oh have I mentioned what we had for lunch? Well, on the way there we stopped at Mr. Sub and got one of those party things where there’s tons of mini-sub things and they give you ALL the toppings and dressings and you just get to make your own mini subs! It was DELICIOUS! So after ALL of this we went back to Nic’s house and I got to ride with him, his dad, and our friend Jack, instead of going with his mum and ALL the our other FRIENDS! Believe me it was MUCH better then the car ride there were I had to go with his mum. There was so much more room and WAY less yelling. So this was my day paintballing!


Thanks again,


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