Skiing or is it skying? Howabout Snow Falling?

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All of the names above are good for this exceptionally hard sport.

So I went snowboarding at HorseShoe Valley yesterday. Right after school! It was fun! I  [of course] went Snowboarding while the rest of my sibling [and Mum] went Skiing!  We [of course] went down the “kitty” hill the whole time [thanks small siblings]. We left around sevenish and got home to a delicious dinner my mum had left cooking in the crockpot. We may have left around sevenish… But that was only because my Mum delayed us a half-hour to buy me, Ramsey, and herself, a Seasons Pass! There were only three bought, and well, that would be because my sister Evangeline has a thing called a “Snowpass“, where she gets to do some stuff for free, for a limited amount of times. The other ones? Well Jethro and Magnus are actually free! This was an extremely fun trip and it was so worth it!


Merry [almost] Christmas!


P.S.  Please no bot spam. Yeah, I actually got some… Some of it was in French…. Some of it was stupid  and went on about how “I was the smart one”… Weirdos…


-Happy Holidays


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