Explanatory: Whenever

So a lot been happening lately. Oh wait a minute… NO THERE HASN’T.

The only really cool stuff… Is that I got to go snowmobiling, snowboarding a ton, started my own game studio [Point Axel Studios] and a few other things, such as this week having a [so far] 3 day snow day! I will explain all of it here [hence the title :-P].


First off, snowmobiling with a friend! So my friend Greg [ I may have mentioned him sometime….] invited me over to go snowmobiling at his cottage in Scarlet Park [for all you Pokemon Go lovers there is a ton of pokemon there, he said so himself]. We snow mobiled  for three hours straight! Next was Snowboarding. Man am I sore!!! I went just last night [as well as a ton before yesterday] and it was amazing!! I had an insane amount of fun!!! I went down like five different hills over ten times each! As Point Axel Studios I am starting work on Alpha to Omega [more on that later], and as for the three day snow day, well that’s obvious.



This is it guys, I’ll try and post again soon but that’s all for now!




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