Explanatory: Weekend and days after up until today

This will explain my weekend [Avalanche] and my week up until today. Just so everyone knows, I will be skipping the things I think are boring, or don’t remember well.

Avalanche: Day 1 – 2.5

Avalanche was [basically] a huge 2-3.5 day party. We went outside almost all the time! We went to bed at one each night and woke up at seven thirty each mornings. We ate a TON of candy. This is Avalanche.


The first day had my mom and I picking up Matthew and Nic, my friends, who were coming with me for Avalanche. So we went to each of their houses and got them and their stuff, and then went to the Muskoka Store, for the bus pickup. After a [uneventful] two hour bus ride to Muskoka Woods [where Avalanche was being held]. When we got there we had to bring all of our luggage up to our cabins [which, helpfully, was no where near there]. After that, we had to go to lunch or something like that. Then the fun started. After a while playing games and being introduced to councillors and such, we had a session! In this “session” a masterful speaker all the way from the U.S. by the name of Heather Flies [pronounced Fleece]! She talked about TONS of things! After this we went to dinner, and finally to bed, in which we stayed up till one talking. The next morning we woke up at seven thirty so we wouldn’t miss breakfast, and after that well, we got to pick our activities for that afternoon “Free to Choose” times, of which we had three, all of one hour duration! I personally choose; Floor Hockey, Snow Football, and Winterfest! Out of those three, all were fun except Snow Football, in which there were three grade eights against a large manner of grades six to seven. It SUCKED. However, the other two were so much fun! In floor hockey I [think I] rocked. In winterfest, well we had a snowball fight… In a maze! Then after that we went tubing… Down a hill! After this was again dinner, which was [happily] absolutely amazing roast beef! Oh, and I forgot to mention that this dinner was special themed dinner, of which the theme was transportation! The table that got to grab their food first was dressed in DIY cardboard cars and stoplights etc. and our table got to go second simply because most of us were wearing ties and chanting “Lumberjacks!”. Oh and I forgot to explain the teams! They were [as always] Rockies, Mounties, Grizzlies, and Lumberjack[ie]s! The point was for your team to earn a bunch of points playing games for a head start in another game to pinpoint the winner of the “Avalanche 2017 Treasure Chest”! We [of course :-^ ] got second place with [I think [it’s hard for me to remember, two days ago]]  the Rockies winning it. Basically it was a chest filled entirely with candy of all sorts! It was OVERRATED! After this was small group [same as the night before] and then again, bed. Day two.five was, well, a half-day, basically we got up, packed up our stuff, had breakfast, went to session, had lunch, moved our stuff from the cabin to the music hall, went to tuck, then put our stuff on the bus and drove off [after taking a picture of course]. When I got home I went snowmobiling for a cousin’s birthday and yeah, this was Avalanche 2017!



Snowboarding: Project New Board


I got a new snowboard! In case you’re wondering [!!!], it’s a 2013 Burton Clash, with Custom Burton Bindings! I got it last week, tried it out, then got it waxed and beautified over the weekend! It’s great! Sorry I don’t have much else to say on this!


Bye Bye,

-Axel Greavette [thisisaxels.com]


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