Catch Up! No . 6 The Weekend

The weekend was good. I got to snowboard with a friend! It was good.

LOVE snowboarding so much! It’s such a fun sport and man was this weekend good for it! I went with my great friend Matthew [may have mentioned him before?] Well anyways, we hit the hill hard [sometimes literally]! At first he eased himself back into it, [he hadn’t done it for around a year] and then, oh man, we were flying down those hills, hitting ALL the little side hills and jumps, and overall, gunning it all the way down the hill [sometimes]! It was AMAZINGLY FUN! The whole time I was thinking, in my head “This is amazing!”. Maybe, just maybe, I could register that as a subdomain! Something like… Nah, that’s way too long… Darn it. Well anyways snowboarding is awesome!


Thanks everyone!

-Axel was here and will be here sometime in the near future…

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