Yesterday I [instead of going on a field trip that I’ll be going on [again] next year] went to work [in toronto] with my dad.

It was actually pretty fun! For starters I learned how to put down vinyl flooring, went to lunch at a place called South St. Burgers, which I totally recommend! After that Ryan [Dad’s friend and coworker] and I finished the floor [which took us the greater part of six hours and then help my dad and Chuck [again his friend and coworker]. After this we started our journey home in the Van [capitals as it’s daddy’s fav]. I actually faired pretty good as far as money goes! I got sixty five dollars! That’s [around] a quarter [or less] of the way to my new video card! Overall it was a great experience! On a completly different note… I get to go see the LEGO Batman Movie tonight, so I’ll post a “review” tomorrow!


See you then!


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