Snowboarding: The Great


Notice: Photos will be included later and this will be removed when that happens :-)!

Today was epic [notice how I don’t use that word very often]. It was a school trip to Horseshoe.

Ok, first things first, today was our school’s Horseshoe Skiing Trip Thingy Day. So we got to come all day and snowboard [in my case] all day. Of course, you had to pay a small fee [bigger if you don’t have your own gear].  So when we got there we were immediately tested [typical]. It was insanely simple, as all we had to do was carve around a small amount of flags put into the snow. I passed and got a red sticker, symbolizing that I was allowed on all the hills but a single one… The double black diamond hill! After a long while of going on blue hills [some of my friend’s hadn’t made it to red in the grading], it was time for our lessons and second tests. My lesson was great, the guy who taught us was, the hills were, everything was [in fact]. So then there was the test. This test, it was making me nervous as it was the only, I repeat, the only thing keeping me from the double black diamonds! Fortunately I passed [everyone did, as it was me and a ton of teenagers], so then I went on them with my mum! It was great fun! We did this for a while, then went on the smaller [the main hill is the one we go on normally as the double black diamond closes at for due to no lights being installed, but it’s slightly smaller than the DBD hill!] with siblings. After that well we were [definitely] done [as we had already stayed later than the bus, going home with our mother and all]! This was my great snowboarding day!

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