Renamed Valentines because I published it too late 🙁

My week was [mainly] uneventful, that is besides my brother puking [today, from “too much Valentine’s Candy”, a bad choice and the future of my computer, nicknamed Axelus. Also in this issue I make an interesting Valentine’s decision myself…


I know I should have attached a note, I know. But why would I? Especially if she showed it to her friends. Of course someone [who happened to be my good friend Sage] saw me put it in her desk. Of course I had to bribe him to be quiet about it with the Starbound files he had been wanting for so long. Of course. Just typical. However she did like the chocolates I slipped in her desk. They were the best my dad would let me get; Lindt [Angel chorus]! Oh and incase I haven’t told you [FYI I am perfectly aware I haven’t told you] her name is Chelsea and I kinda like her. Fast forward to today right before school ends I get a note from the secretary telling me I am to go home on the bus, even though my mom said she was picking us up after school just that morning. So I did what it said along with my two siblings [Jethro having not gone that day and Magnus not going to school yet], and when I got home what did I find you ask? Well that Jethro had thrown up due to “too much candy” [his own diagnose], and that we couldn’t go for that reason.



Two things. One I’m getting a new graphics card and also I had to redo a contract for this graphics card as it’s three hundred canadian dollars, and that’s a lot, so I made a[n] [awesome] deal with my dad, so that when I get one hundred and fifty dollars he’ll loan me the rest so I can work it off. That or I can just earn the rest of the sum. This is the future of Axelus.

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