Schools out for Summer! + CW Trip! MEGA ISSUE!

Guess what I got on my report card……. Only A’s and B’s…….


That’s right! No C’s no D’s no black holes into forever shamefulness. So my average. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself……. I need to talk about my HUGE CW End-Of-The-Year Class Trip! So that first….


CW Class Trip

We’ll start with our arrival.

When we got to CW, well, we had to first get in. Then I had to go pick up my Fast-Lane Plus with Greg [we both bought it online]. Then we had to hook up with Jeremy and Darcee [who both bought it there]. Then we were on our way to our first ride…. Which just happened to be the brand new one, Soaring Timbers. It was fun. The only thing not fun about it, was Darcee screaming her head off on it [not literally… it’s a figure of expression]. Next we went on… I think it was the….. Vortex? I can’t remember :(. But it was a good one. You know what? We got on the ride like ten times, before some people got on once! Thank you Fast-Lane Plus. That also happened on the Levitation, which is oh I don’t know, one of the newest and one of the most popular rides there! Weeeeeeeeeeeeow [I made that word up]! Those were the [main] highlights for CW. Of course there were actually WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY more, but I don’t have enough time for all of them. So we’ll go right, into the newwwwww!


Last Day Of School

Wait! That’s today!

It was a cool day [quite literally xD]. We got to stay in pretty much all day, due to the endless rain [it did end though] and watch movie. For GYM we did the usual; freetime where everyone wanted to play Soccer. Boring. The movie was Now You See Me. We almost finished it. But we didn’t. After watching more, going outside, and four of us [including me] handing out Apple Juice to all the classes for the Parent Counsel, Mr. Montross made all us Grade 7’s go to the Library so he could give the Grade 8’s a speech. So we went to the Library and played Minecraft. Then we went back to the class and got our Report Cards. Then came the Clap-out for the Grade’s. The usual.


So that’s that.

After all, it’s just a post. A blog post.





P.S. Haha, all those Game Theory references……..

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