Wasaga Beach Day!

Drive, Smell, Beach, Setup, Dig, Hole, Swim, Continue Digging, Swim, Swim, Fill Hole With Seashells, Go home.

So yesterday we went to Wasaga Beach. On the drive there, well it was ordinary, except for the terrible smell of manure wafting into the truck for almost halfway there! But other than that; ordinary. When we got to the beach we drove around for a bit so we could find the best spot possible… When we did well, Mom chose real good. It was perfect, a wide stretch of beach for the most part uninhabited. So we setup our stuff. Then as I was reading [I didn’t go into the water first thing as why would I?] my book I started to dig absent-mindedly with my hands, searching for little clay balls to destroy. After a bit, well, I started digging deeper, and deeper, and deeper still. Eventually I could sit in it and only my head would show. Then just a little more, and I was below water level. I left it to flood and erode a bit and went swimming. Good timing. My mom was just about to come out of the water, but when she saw me going in, she requested we do hand stands. It was so much fun! After a bit she was cold [I wasn’t,] so we went in for her sake. Then I played some football with my grandpa and then I had an idea. You see, I didn’t destroy all the clay I found. I got sidetracked with digging my hole eventually and just left it there. But I still had it. So I went and got a couple bowls of water and forks to beat it with and put the clay in. Then we started making liquid clay. Eventually mine was perfect; high clay concentration, not too much water and so on. So then I went up to my brother, Ramsey. He wasn’t expecting it so I threw a bunch of the L.C. at him. He was extremely unhappy. I tried to throw some at my cousin Maddex. I missed [eventually I did get him,]. After a bit of this it was time for a swim. So we went for a swim. I did more hand stands with my grandpa. It was fun. Then after a bit more swimming and other things, it was time to go home. On the way we stopped at a chip truck to get fries. After that we went home and went to bed. That marked the end of our Wasaga Beach Day!

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