Wrong Mark!

Yesterday I got back a french quiz, now usually when I get these things back I’m scared even if I know I got all the answers right, but today I was excited because we’d gotten… Read More »Wrong Mark!


The smorning I went out to the sand down I had fun! Ramsey tried to steel in Exjvater but I cot him.I also got intresdid in some art! I did this post at:10:49 amAXEL   http://brandonbird.com/paintings.html

My Dad

My Dad Byoudiifll. He is grompey and nise.He is good at billding. I like to go grojsaleing with him.I love my DAD.

austrailian lizards

Australia has 1 of the moste coolist lirds. the frilied lizar. this lizard  yousis  it’s fril to sckear away eimayes