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To Carlisle!

Guess what!??! I’m going to Carlisle……again! But there’s something different happening this time…….. On Monday [when I get back], I am going to do a GIANT  blog post! Right here on Thisisaxels! Whewwwww! So I’ll see you… Read More »To Carlisle!


Renamed Valentines because I published it too late 🙁

My week was [mainly] uneventful, that is besides my brother puking [today, from “too much Valentine’s Candy”, a bad choice and the future of my computer, nicknamed Axelus. Also in this issue I make an interesting Valentine’s decision myself…
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Yesterday I [instead of going on a field trip that I’ll be going on [again] next year] went to work [in toronto] with my dad.

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Explanatory: Whenever

So a lot been happening lately. Oh wait a minute… NO THERE HASN’T.

The only really cool stuff… Is that I got to go snowmobiling, snowboarding a ton, started my own game studio [Point Axel Studios] and a few other things, such as this week having a [so far] 3 day snow day! I will explain all of it here [hence the title :-P].

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